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Basic Core Concept

The basic concept of this system is to setup Catalogs and Vendors, setup and assign each Inventory Item to a Vendor and Catalog. This allows you to segregate all products by Catalog. The idea is to be able to control global pricing, discounting and reporting using this catalog system at any level through out ProFrame 2015. Setup Routes that represent geographical locations (delivery routes). Then setup Ship To Accounts assigning them multiple routes. Use the Order Entry program to process open work orders as confirmed, shipped or edit work orders, add-ons and create new work orders. Then use the Host-WIP and Remote-WIP programs to process open items and print pull sheets and route sheets to fill work orders for shipment and delivery. The rest is basic accounting.

Core Concept Guide:

Basic Tips

Editing and Saving Changes

As you open each screen; the customer screen, order entry screen or any other screen. You're working in what is referred to as a screen session or file maintenance session. This design allows you to make many changes to many different records within the same session. Then when ready you can Save All the changes that you made back to the live databases, or you could choose not to Save any changes at all. As each screen loads, it loads all the records into that session for you to view, modify, add or delete.

Most all screens look similar to this one, you have your basic Add, Delete, Save All and Refresh buttons at the very bottom and the Edit, Apply and Cancel buttons in the Current Record section. After making a change to any record, you select the Apply button to apply that change to your session. (memory only) When you're finished making all your changes, select the Save All button to save all changes back to the databases.

To Quit or Exit any screen session, click the X in the upper right corner of that window. This includes the Main Menu Screen.

Memory Management

This system allows multiple programs (screen sessions) to run at the same time. But not the same program or screen session. Your system memory resources determines how many screen sessions can be opened at any given time, plus depending on how big your database files are.

Use the Memory Monitor on the main menu screen to monitor memory resources. If you're not able to load as many sessions as you would like, consider increasing your system's memory.

Logo and Envelope Sizes

Getting Started

ProFrame 2015 comes with sample customers and ship to accounts so you can play with the system to get a basic idea of how it works. The first thing you should do is Create a few work orders under Orders/Order Entry. The sample data has very few open work orders and it will be much easier to understand if you're working with current open orders. Follow list below to get started...

Backup Your Databases

I recommend for backing up your SQL Databases, with the paid edition you can send backups to Dropbox, Google Drive, MS SkyDrive or Amazon S3.

ProFrame I Users

This version has been discontinued as of 11/01/2013... Click Here for more...