Wholesale Frame and Moulding Software Solutions

ProFrame 2015 - Wholesale Frame and Moulding Software Solutions

This software product is designed for the wholesale frame and moulding industry. Wholesalers and distributors of picture frames, wood and metal moulding, chop frames, join frames, mat boards, glass, foam board, art and framer supplies and equipment.

ProFrame 2015 - Industry Platform

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  Providing software solutions for the wholesale picture frame and art supplies industry for more than 25 years. It improves productivity and streamlines the entire process, from order entry to delivery.

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  This software product is a Microsoft Windows .NET Framework compatible Desktop application that is totally installed on your local network or hard drive and works with virtual machine technology and cloud based SQL Servers for remote access across multiple warehouses.

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  This product uses Microsoft SQL Server 2017 or higher as the database platform. Express or Full Editions. We have over 25 years of programming experience in the wholesale frame and moulding supplies industry.

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ProFrame 2015 - Catalog System Concept

  The Catalog Design is based on two levels, Group and Category. Each item is assigned to a Catalog. Each item is also assigned a Vendor that plays an important role of this design. So one could say it's actually a three level catalog system. This catalog design was one of the first phases of development of this product over twenty five years ago. It worked then and it still works today with very few changes.

ProFrame 2015 - Catalog Driven

  The idea is to be able to control global pricing, discounting and reporting using this catalog system at any level through out ProFrame 2015. Years ago in its conception, the thought of a online website order system was not a factor, but in recent years it has become an important competitive edge. The amazing thing about our catalog design is; not only will it control global pricing and discounting as designed, it works perfectly to control and maintain a website catalog order system.

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