Industry Design.

ProFrame 2015 - Wholesale Frame & Moulding Software Solutions

With more than twenty five years of experience in design, development and deployment of software solutions for the wholesale frame and moulding industry, we believe our products cover the basic and essential needs for any large or small wholesaler, distributor or supplier of frame and moulding products.


Do you sell wood moulding in bulk, by the box, length or maybe you will chop and join custom frames?


Do you sell glass in bulk, by the box or single sheets or maybe you will also cut custom glass including plexi glass?

Mat Boards

Do you sell matboards in bulk, by the box or single sheets or maybe you also cut custom mats.


Do you sell foamboard in bulk, by the box or single sheets?

Art Supplies

Do you sell picture frame art supplies in bulk, by the box or single peices and hardware tools etc..

Frame Equipment

Do you sell picture framing equipment?

You may recognize a few of our clients running our products.

Cash Moulding Sales - CMI Moulding - Wilson Moulding - Shenandoah Framing, Inc. - Jayeness Moulding Co. - New West Co. - The Frame - Frame Warehouse - Bayside Moulding

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